Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Epic Exam Fail, Take 2 and Rambling.

Update from this post here: marks posted May 15th.  I have to wait WAYYYYY until then to find out. Eff.  This sucks. 

                       {from http://feilz.com...guess I will CONTINUE to look like this!}

And in other news....

This weather is great.  I am totes not upset to say goodbye to winter.  I think that I see life in a wholely different light now, given that I'm debt free.  I no longer feel a weight on my shoulders knowing I have money for savings, fun, and any unexpected costs that come my way.  This feels great and I was crazy to not have felt it sooner.

The bf is paying off his student loans then moving out on his own.  He's a personal finance  champ!  Oh, and did I mention he's now hooked on 'Til Debt Do Us Part, thanks to yours truly?  He was even searching for Gail's book so he could read it {frugal tip: search the library instead of buying it.  He luuurrrved this one!}.  Ain't that so cute?  This PF bug is totes contageous and something I like to spread...not like VD or the Herp....not that I have them...but, er, you get the picture.

I am beaming with proudy smiles right now!


*Canadian Girl

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