Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Spend...Update.

So, I've lamented in the past about my lack of motivation or success thereof, with regards to my personal "no-spend" challenges. 

I've decided to turn over a new leaf for April, and HIT that 12 day mark right on.  So far, I'm at 3.  Yes, I'm counting the holidays {I could go to Timmy's if I really wanted, or S-bucks is always open here!}. 

I also have 2 exams next week, so my head is buried in books trying to make sense of something that only those with a knack for it could.  This should only prove to help my cause.  I'll be taking public transit to and from the two exams, so 4 trips in total.  This, my loves, costs $$$.  However, we have a sort of bulk pricing option, so I'm going to do that on Monday {the purchase, not the exams!} and then I can refrain from spending the rest of the days.

How will I do this?:
- bring my own coffee to the exams
- bring my own water to the exams
- wait until I'm home to eat lunch or bring a snack
- not go out for 'a celebration' after the 1st exam, when I really should be studying.

Any suggestions?


*Canadian Girl

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