Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Reality TV. Take 2.

I've previously blogged about reality tv.  Read it here.  It's my porn and I love it. 

16 And Pregnant.

I love this show.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I wasn't a teen mom, nor were many of my friends.  I think I was too much of a "goody" to get preggers.  Not to mention, I was super careful.  These girls, careful they are not. 

Take Leah for instance.  Twins.  That's right, twins.  AND, she got pregnant after knowing their father for a month.  C'mon.  Mistakes happen, I get that.  But really?  Keep your legs closed.  Do these girls not realize the ramifications of their actions?  

                                               {from mtv.ca.  nothing says "mom' like a fuzzy tiara}

It seems as though nothing changes their minds about the very implications of teen pregnancy, and they think it will be a piece of cake.  Not to mention the stereotypes that the show perpetuates: broken home, single mom, party lifestyle.  However, we come therefore to the nature vs nurture debate.  Are these girls pregnant because they were destined to be from day 1, or are they pregnant because they vie for someone's attention, someone to love or a family of their own?

It seems as though the show does a decent job of getting families from all different walks of life; from Samantha the self-proclaimed 'good girl', to Maci the 'virgin' who got pregnant, to Nikkole, the 'party/bad girl'.  One thing is common: they all drop out of school.  Why?  This isn't necessary.  We have the internet for a reason, USE IT.  You will perpetuate the cycle if you continue this.  WHY WHY WHY??!

Maci seems to be the most level headed to me.  She's ditched the mean, useless baby daddy, and has taken control of her life.  Caitlynn and Tyler are awesome too.  I think they did the best thing giving that baby up for adoption.  Like really.  I'm an adult and I wouldn't want to live with Butch!

What do you think?  Is the show just glamourizing teen pregnancy, or is it doing what it set out to do: create awareness of a problem that can be remedied?


  1. I am also OBSESSED with this show. Seriously. My sister and I text each other constantly throughout every episode.

    If I were watching the show as a teenager, I don't really know how I would react. Probably in horror. I don't think it glamorizes teen pregnancy, because at the end of every episode, most of the girls wished they had waited. And when you watch the show, you can really see the struggle and how hard it is for them on an everyday basis. I think if a teenager were to watch it, they would see all the things they could lose, and might think twice about having sex at such a young age. Or at least think about the pill or a condom...

  2. I've seen this a few times and most of the time could just slap the 16 yr old. lol! I don't buy the "oh i'm from a broken home, nobody loved me, I don't know my daddy, etc.." spewl. I was raised by a single mother, poor as dirt, have never met my father, etc... when did I have my first baby? When I was 21. And married. Go figure!? ;) Everyone needs to be accountable for their own actions, good or bad!