Monday, August 23, 2010


The bf just got a new place.  It’s a rental, in the city, and closer to me.  I’m excited, really I am.  But I sure as hell hope he doesn’t think we’ll be hangin’ all the time.  Not that I don’t want to; that’s not the idea.  I love being with him, just not all the time.  I like that we have two separate lives and come together on weekends.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this goes as planned.

He’s been fah-reaking out about finances now that he’ll be furnishing, paying bills and renting his own place.  So, what did *Canadian Girl do?  I had him make a budget.  That’s right.  All hail the budget!  He was able to see what money would be coming in, flowing out, and where he could save still.  He’s given himself a budget of $2,000 for “new” things – ie.) furniture, tv, cable/internet set up.  And he’s managing to come in under.  How?  CRAIGSLIST! 

By utilizing Craigslist to find someone’s like-new junk and fashion it for himself, we think he’s saved almost a grand on his overall moving costs.  He’s taken some decorative items and an old chair, lamp and couch from my parents’ place, my mom is doing his bathroom as a housewarming gift, got a Queen bed new and in the packaging for $40, a stand-up lamp for $10, brand new carpet for $20, and a dresser for $15.  He will be using a kitchen table from his sister’s old university apartment, and will be buying new bedding and a new mattress cover.  You think it will be a mish-mash, but with a little paint and some imagination, I think we can pull this off.  He also got a tv stand yesterday – a floor model – marked from $1,499 to $445.  A steal and it’s a gorgeous piece that he will keep.

Whoever said moving had to cost tons?

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