Sunday, August 1, 2010

Visa Emergency Cash?

While reading one of my PF forums, I came across info about this Visa Emergency Cash benefit.  See this link here.
Visa offers an ‘Emergency Cash’ benefit when a card is lost, stolen or damaged.  This is something that I serrrrrrrrously didn't know.

WTF dude?  Isn’t that just a cash advance?  

I get that the card may have been lost.   I get that it's an inconvenience.  But if he or she who has lost the card doesn't have a source of cash, doesn't that just strengthen an economical downturn by extending credit to those who can't afford it in the first place?  Perhaps you're in a remote location where you haven't any access to your home accounts; but if it's that remote of a place, you wouldn't be able to use a Visa either.  I still don't see the reason.

 Note that the Visa site talks nothing of interest rates, EAR on the advance, or any potential delivery costs as well.  This is right stupid and just encourages the credit crisis that caused the very recession we’re in!  I can’t even believe this and it rots my socks. 

Ok.  /Rant.  But really.  Why is this even an option for people?  We're just going to have another recession.  So much for an economical upswing....


*Canadian Girl 

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