Friday, October 8, 2010

Citibank Platinum Enrich is Gonzo. Officialz.

I gave up a ring to Citibank today just to inquire as to when the CIBC takeover would be effected.  The kind and knowledgable attendant on the phone informed me that CIBC has only purchased some of Citibank's Mastercard portfolio, and that my Enrich Platinum was part of that takeover. 

I will be issued a cheque for the cash portion {so as not to lose it}, and then re-issued a card with CIBC branding.  Um...yeah.  I'm on the hunt for a new Mastercard.  I highly doubt that the same perks as the Platinum Enrich will be upheld when CIBC effects it's final takeover, and the lady I spoke with was of the same mindset.

Therefore, I'm going to begin my foray, yet again, into the world of mastercards with perks.  I like to have 1 of each - visa, mastercard and amex.  Since my visa is Aeroplan points and I'll be using the mastercard strictly for my business and gas expenses, I need would like something that offers a similar cashback perk to the Platinum Enrich.

I've narrowed my search to the cards as follows:

- MBNA Smartcash
- Capital One

Any suggestions?  I'm leaning towards one of the first two, and selecting one with cashback.

Thoughts?  Please comment :) 


*Canadian Girl

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