Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Back on the Wagon.

Thanks, Krystal for your tip {you can see her comment in a previous post}.

I’ve gone back to ye ol’ budge and I’m working on getting back on the decreased spending wagon.  Instead of doing it weekly tho, I’m going to be doing just a monthly flat $600 {I haz gas now to pay for!}, and tracking monthly spending with receipts stapled to the expense list.

I’m still going to go for 12 ‘no spend’ days a month.  However, I know I won’t make it this month since I’ve had a ton to do with the new job, car etc.  I will be starting my monthly updates in November. 

I have some money to pay off from the purchase of the car and savings to replenish {used in my month off work}, so I’ll have to update my monthly budge once I get a picture of how my spending pattern is going to go.


*Canadian Girl

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