Friday, October 15, 2010

New Job.

I've started my new job this week.  I'm loving it so far, but am totes finding it difficult to live on the reduced budge that's resulted from my month off.

I went a little off the bandwagon and now I have to get myself back in gear - NYC just does that to you!


How do you guys get back on track?  I'm at a loss this time.  I can't really go to cash only, and find it difficult to keep any and all receipts.  What gives?  Am I that out of it that I can't manage my own finances?



*Canadian Girl

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  1. Start tracking all of your spending. Keep your recepts. Jot down everything that you spend in a little notepad. I know it's super hard, but you just have to do it if you want to get back on track. Soon you'll see a pattern to your spending and you'll be able to adjust back down to a reduced budget.