Thursday, December 9, 2010

Biz Etiquette/Budge Question.

Krystal over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks posted an interesting question on her Twitter the other day:  “Do u always give when ppl in the office are collecting $$ for wedding/retirement/bday/baby present? What if it's for someone u don't know?”.

This is something that I’m unsure of where the proper ‘etiquette’ lies.  What if you’re on a budget like me?  What if you don’t really know the person and wouldn’t buy a gift otherwise?  What if you simply don’t like him or her?  {so what, I’m a bitch.  Deal with it…} 

I always feel judged when going around to do this.  Now that I’ve switched to a smaller company, I don’t think it’ll be as big of an issue {that, and I’m far happier here and love everyone I work with…well almost everyone…}.  However, given that I’m still early on in my career, and though I don’t plan on leaving, you never know where life will take you, so I thought I’d go here to my public forum and ask what the proper etiquette would be.

How much is proper to give?  Should you feel obliged to ALWAYS contribute, or is it fair to just reserve the dollaz for those you like/are close with/are your boss?

Eff.  So many questions.

I’m seriously stumped.  Readers - throw me a bone please in the comments below!

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  1. In my yearly gift budget I allow about $100 in misc gifts. If a secret santa or colleague birthday/shower situation comes up then I have that cushion in my budget.