Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crocs. What a crock.

{I love a good pun in the morning, don't you?}

Comfort.  That’s what we all associate with Crocs, right?  NOT. {*insert Borat accent here* } 

I recently purchased {and returned} a pair of ‘dress Crocs’, which was in direct violation of any and all fashion rules I have. However, I was desperate for a comfortable, yet moderately attractive alternative to running shoes for my walk to work.  Whilest browsing about, I came across these puppies:

{click for larger...if you want}

BAD.  DO NOT BUY THEM.  Comfort my ass!  These not only gave me blisters, but gave off a farting sound while I walked.  I fart enough as it is.  I don’t need my feet doing it too! 

For those of you that swear by Crocs {and I hope don’t wear the ones with the big holes that attempt to look like clogs out of the house}, I commend you and congratulate you on your comfort.  I, however, will never wear them.  Alas, I’d much rather look good and be fart-free while getting blisters on my toes!

*Canadian Girl

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  1. Okay so an ex-BF's dad bought me a pair of the original Crocs (that look like clogs with the big holes). They look super stupid so I never wear them in public, but they are SO comfortable. I know you don't care, lol! :) I wear them to wash my car, as well as whenever I go on overnight hiking trips. They are perfect for wearing around camp! Again, will stress, I never wear them in public.