Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogging Q & A

Hello Readers (or lack thereof since this is the first post)!! As the title of my first post indicates, I've decided to make my inaugural post a little Q & A about why I chose to blog.


What's with the stupid name?

I will explain the name in a few parts: I'm planning to keep this blog as anonymous as possible. BUT, I will answer certain questions from you lovely readers, as long as they allow me to keep some semblance of my anonymity. I will always be looking for new post ideas and your questions may fuel a diary entry or two. As you've likely guessed, I'm Canadian. Where am I from? That may remain to be revealed. Right now, I'm just that: Canadian.

What will you blog about?

Anything I feel like. Well, at least that's the short answer. From fashion, to things I love, to personal finance, to my daily rants.

I couldn't think of just one thing to blog about, so I'm blogging about whatever I want and anything you, my readers, can maybe suggest.

Why did you decide to blog, *Canadian Girl?

For a long time I've been following blogs (check the Blog Roll...you won't regret it) and have longed to post on something of my own. I could never write as eloquently or dress as nicely as they could, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Reading about their lives and their day to day posts have given me the strength to hope my life will improve. Not that it's bad per se, I'm just in a "love funk", if you will, and it makes me sad. Like really sad.

How often will you post?

I will try to post daily, but I work in a terribly busy job (ugh - I die!) and may not have time.

Where can I contact you with a question or an idea for a post?

You can click the link on the sidebar or, send something to: anonymouscanadiangirl@gmail.com


*Canadian Girl

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