Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jesse James, You Douche.

Just when we thought Tiger Woods was the ultimate D*bag, in comes Jesse James.  For serious.  Who in their effing right mind would cheat on Sandra Bullock?  Really??

Fame get to your small peen and make you lash out like the d*ck you are?  Oy.  As you can tell, I feel so strongly about someone who doesn’t treat a woman properly.  I guess he’s given up the girl next door for Swastika-loving, Harley riding, S&M loving ladies strippers.  

Take Exhibit A:  Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.
*courtesy of {barf}

#1 – nice name.  I’m sure you were born with that
#2 – you cheat knowing he has a wife?  What a woman
#3 – you have white supremist tattoos and a KID?  Some people shouldn’t be allowed to pro-create

Exhibit B:  Melissa Smith

#1 – lots of tattoos with not so bad sayings; I have tats and I rep them, I’ll give you 1 over McGee
#2 – you’re a stripper.  ‘Nuff said.
#3 – you’ve been arrested multiple times.  Classy.

Exhibit C: Brigitte Daguerre

#1 – you’re a kinky, homewrecking mess who isn’t even that hot
#2 – hired as an OCC employee.  He has a wife; you should’ve stayed where you belong
#3 – claimed the sex was bad.  Hilarious, as shiteous as she is.

Exhibit D: Janine Lindemulder – Ex wife #2
                                                *courtesy of

#1 – you can’t even raise your daughter; you live in a halfway house like the coked out ex-porn star you are
#2 – see Exhibit D, #1
#3 – your own daughter doesn’t want to be with you.  She’d rather have Sandra as her mother

Seems like Ex #1 - Karla James - is the only one who hasn't slept with Jesse James.  

What a douche.  Keep your head up, Sandra!!


*Canadian Girl

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