Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mexican Food. Free.

Yesterday I met up with an old university friend, we'll call him G, for dinner at a Mexican restaurant here in the city.  OM Geeeeeeee  it was great.  It's getting me super excited for Cabo in April. 

I'm not usually one for spice in my food, but let me tell you that the Enchiladas were great.  There was a special where you got the Enchiladas and a beer for $12.  Great deal if you ask me, considering that the Enchilladas were $9.95 and the beer $5.55 each on its own.  ANNND....you may also be interested to know that I lurrrrve beer.  Especially Dos Equis, and Sol.  Yes, I love Mexican beer.  And guacamole.  But only the homemade kind, not the shizz you get in those plastic containers at Sobeys or Loblaws.  Gross.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for Cabo.  But I think it's still too far away to start a countdown.                             

Bf joined us for dinner {secretly,  I wanted him to come so he could get excited too!} and then treated me to my meal; he's been practically living at my place since Saturday, so I've fed his weight in groceries.  It's the least he can do! {yeah.  I'm a mean gf.  Deal with it!}  This ------->
is what that guacamole looked like.  It's early in the morning and I STILL want more!  Eff my life.  I'm on operation super sexy hot body for Mexico here.

That makes yesterday "no spend" day #1 for the week.  I'm going for 3 a week, making approximately 12 per month.  That's the very max I can do right now.  I have to bus to and fro dodgeball on Mondays, and usually end up picking up a bagel and a coffee before my class on Wednesday nights.  I've tried bringing my dinner, but it's just always soggy and nasty by the time 5pm rolls around.  A Tim's bagel and coffee is only $2.52, so I think I can absorb that cost.

My savings/spending plan is all about anticipating costs, so that's what I've done this week.  I don't really anticipate spending more than that, but you never know what could pop up.  Yesterday was a "no spend", today should be, and Thursday should be, giving me my three for this week.  I will have to do a March tally so far and a Feb wrap up to get back to you. 

What's new with you, my loves??


*Canadian Girl

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