Monday, September 27, 2010

*Canadian Girl's Currently Loving: Riding Boots.

To me, the ultimate in chic, old money and class lies in the classic riding boot {ok, so Lacoste and Hunter boots too, but I digress...}.  I don't yet own a pair, and have been lusting after a pair for oh, about 6 seasons now.  I'm more than convinced that they won't go out of style, but I'm just not sure how much I'm willing to spend.  I'd love a long lasting, leather pair, but those are going to run me upwards of $300 I would imagine {and from what I've observed}.  So, in the meantime to help me make my decision, I'm keeping a running list here. I would tend to choose brown leather, as that's what I wear more of.  Nevertheless, you could pick any of these in black and they would STILL look stunning.

These are some amazeballs riding boots that I've found at varying pricepoints.  I lust.  Eff.  I need a pair:

{Gucci boots.  Link here on  $1,535.  Out of price range.  But gorge. }

{Cole Haan boots.  A little closer to budget at $498.  They also have Nike Air.  Comes in black too.}

{Tory Burch Patterson Riding Boots - via  Pricey at $526, but I so LOVE Tory Burch}

{more from Tory Burch.  These are $495 USD, so pricey again, but I would venture that they're crazy comfy.  Here via}

The link wouldn't let me post images, but if you click on my link below, it will take you to the Zellers website.  PURE by Alfred Sung makes some of the cutest work staples, including shoes and boots, at really reasonable prices.  I've bought quite a few myself for work this year!  Starting at $39.95, they may be the best option for me!

Zellers - sorry US readers, Zellers is only in Canada.  Target may have something similar in their Mossimo line, I believe.


*Canadian Girl

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