Saturday, September 4, 2010

Should We Keep a Budget Item for Appearances? That's Just the Way it Is.

Take a look at Dog’s post here.  She brings up a valid point about having to purchase something to keep up her ‘appearance’ among a certain ilk of people.  When your read the post, keep in mind that it IS Texas.  Things are bigger there!

Regardless of where you’re located, one can argue that there’s always a ‘need’ to fit in to a certain circle, whether it be because of your job, or perhaps the social circle you run with.  I watch the Real Housewives series.  Yes, I love them.  Knock me if you want, but I think they make for great tv.  Those ladies are a prime example of keeping up with appearances.  In fact, most of the OC ladies are in debt up to their eyeballs and have had homes foreclosed and marriages ended over money, infidelity or other equally tragic things all in the name of appearances.  I don’t begrudge them their desire to be ‘elite’.  Sometimes, I feel the same pressure.

Where I live, I’m surrounded by young professionals at home and at work.  I’m underpaid for the work I do, but keep my discretionary spending to a minimum so I can afford to buy a few nice things, like a watch {I think a nice watch says a lot and makes all outfits look classy and put together} and a bag.  I like expensive bags, but can’t afford them unless I scrimp in other areas.  I guess you could say that, like Dog, I’m keeping up appearances to a certain degree.  Yes, I like designer bags, but I also think that the vast majority of the people I work with have bags of the same calibre, and so I too must join in to fit the bunch. 

I think that in today’s society, we should have a budget item, or at least scrimp to buy certain things that help us fit the mould of whatever sect of society to which we fit.  If you’re a construction worker, you need your tools and boots.  If you’re a banker, you need a nice suit and shoes.  That’s just the way it is.

I get those people who say we don’t need to conform.  I see where you’re coming from.  But perhaps you’ve never had the requirement to fit in with a crowd or ilk of people who could help you better your life.  Am I using them?  No.  But do I need to move up in my job?  Yes.  Do I need to present a certain image as a woman to do that?  Absolutely. 

I think that’s the underlying message in Dog’s post: we sometimes need to keep up appearances just to maintain the status quo in a certain high society that may help us engage ourselves to better our future.  That’s just the way it is.


*Canadian Girl

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  1. I agree with your point, it really isn't a matter whether you agree with this social convention or not. That is exactly what it is, a social convention that you either conform to, fight against or you're pretty ambivalent towards it.

    You can't argue with the fact however that the day I asked for avraise or a promotion from my boss, I wouldn't be doing it in halter tops, cut-off jeans and dirty flip flops!

    Great post!



    P.s. Love me Canadian Bloggers!