Monday, September 20, 2010


*** Vacation alert:  I'm in NYC right now {frugal post to follow}, so any delay in comments is due to the fact that it's uber expensive on my Blackberry in the States.  Please be easy on me***

In typical PF form, I'm a huge fan of Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  She's in her last season of 'Til Debt Do Us Part, but has recently premiered a new show entitled Princess.

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Have any of you watched it?  I know I have and I think it's great.  The women that have been profiled so far are exactly my age, and fit my exact definition of a princess.  And what's more?  I'm just like some ways.

I get my hair done.  I like expensive bags.  I live on my own.  I go out {sometimes}.  However, there's one acute difference: I've earned it. 

There's a lot to be said for earning your own way and being frugal to get what you want.  I get my nails done.  That costs $30 a month.  However, it comes out of my $400 monthly discretionary spending.  I'm a horrific {and I mean horrific} nail biter, so this is {almost} a necessity for me.  My hair?  I am horrid with the dye bottle, so I pay a little more to have it done.  Do I borrow money? NO.  I know it's a monthly expense, so I put a little away each month to cover the $180 cost.  The bags?  I save or I buy used.  I don't really buy expensive clothes, except for a few work staples that cost over $60.  The rest are from Forever 21.  My home?  I saved for it and furnished from family freebies and cheap-ass Craigslist furniture, which I've refinished. 

These princesses don't know how much they make.  They just spend spend spend.  I have a budget, and allocate each paycheque to things like discretionary spending, bills and various savings accounts that include retirement.  I can look like a Princess, but I'm of the firm belief that being a true Princess goes beyond the appearance.  

Some want to call me a Princess?  Go for it.  I'm also of Jewish heritage {insert any applicable Jewish stereotypes here}.  But there's a difference:  I've earned it.  They haven't. 


*Canadian Girl

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