Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Separating Business from Personal.

Now that I'm going to be going into this new job, it's imperative that I separate my business expenses from my personal. 

I've got a Citi cashback mastercard that I think would be perfect to use.  That way, I get a little something back for my business expenditures.  This is just such a simple practice that so few people do.  This way, I am able to know what is a personal budget item apart from what will be a business budget item that will be reimbursable. 

I think that it would be so easy to get myself caught up in the payoff of my own personal visa {despite the incentive of CRAZY Aeroplan points from business expenses} that I would drive myself crazy spending my personal $$$ to pay back things that I don't even owe for. 

I'd posted a while ago about CIBC taking over Citi's mastercard book of business, so I wonder if I'll get that cashback feature still once the deal goes thru in October.  If I don't, I'll just have to use my Aerogold visa, I guess, or use my backup TD Rebate Rewards.

How do you separate business from personal expenses?


*Canadian Girl

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