Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Category Challenge: Update.

Epic fail! Or win...depends on how you look at it.  I've not been spending much at all.  I've only bought things I need so far, like groceries, toiletries, leotards, and medications!  I guess it's a win...but so much for my tracking!

My birthday is coming up, so I hope to have some dolla billz to put towards my 'trip' fund.  The bf fiancee and I are planning a sort of a last minute trip {to save $$$$} with another couple and are hoping to go in the New Year and save what's left of our sanity after a long, Canadian winter.  The total budge there should be roughly $600 and we're hoping to get a 4 star or better hotel about 2 weeks before we leave.  Suggestions are welcome!!

Let's hope I start spending a little cash to track it...or not.


*Canadian Girl

Tomorrow is my blogiversary!  Can you believe it?  A year of blogging.  Whoda thunk it?

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