Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Gifts. Oy!

I think I’m organized for Christmas Christmukah.  I’ve got my Dad and Fiancée’s Dad completely done, and am halfway done the Future Mother in Law.  All that’s left are my Mom, Sister and Fiancée. The fiancée will be splitting the cost of some gifts with me, so that alleviates the dolla pressure a little for me!

The budget?  It’s under $400 so far, and I’m going to give myself that limit.  This includes stockings for Mom and fiancée – but Dad will split the cost of some of Mom’s gifts with me as he always does {that’s the trade-off…I do all the shopping!}. 

I think this budget is realistic, though it may seem a little high, it essentially allows me to spend almost $60 each {and that’s with sharing of the cost, so it’ll actually be more in monetary value}.  Be that as it may, the cost isn’t always what should be considered first in the gift.  I think this year I’ve managed to create {read = make} gifts and purchase gifts that people will truly like, all the while saving some pennies.

I will update more on the Christmukah sitch as it develops.


*Canadian Girl

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