Friday, May 14, 2010

Nails. Cities. Uncool.

Executive Protector
I bite my nails.  Worst habit.  Ok, well I used to smoke, so 2nd worst habit.  

While paying off my debt, I got rid of anything I deemed to be frivolous and one of those things were my fake gel nails.  These are the ONLY things that make my nails grow, and are the only way I can avoid biting.  I used to get a fill every 3 weeks, and went to an amazing place near my parents’ place.  

As you all know, I’m long out of their house {I used to be able to go back home in University.  I had a car.  I am now a pedestrian.  Don’t talk about it.}, and going home just isn’t an option.  It’s too far, and not worth the cost to me. 

I’m constantly trying to find a new place here in the city and thought I’d found one.  I got my nails done before Cabo, and they looked great and held up well.  I had them filled earlier this week and EEEW.  You can see where they were filled, they’re lifting already, and they aren’t nearly as shiny as before.  IS IT SO HARD TO FIND A GOOD NAIL PLACE?  Serrrrrrrrriously.

I love just a simple French mani with the permanent white tips {translate = not all Real Housewives over-done fake white tips, but permanent airbrushed tips}.  Apparently, that’s hard to find.

Annnnd because I am anal wanted to make it easy for you to see what I mean, I've attached a pic, complete with circled nail issues.  I die.
Do any of you get your nails done?  If so, where do you go?  Help a sista out here!


*Canadian Girl


  1. I don't get my nails done, they grow soo fast, i'm constantly cutting them. But I do love the white tips.. my bff used to get hot Barbie pink tips... eewww.. lol!!