Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Spend Spendy Update.

So sorry for my absentee blogginess.  I'm trying to find a new job, I've been sick, and just generally un-motivated.

Either way, totes sorry and will be pulling up my socks from here-on in.

A no spend, spendy update. 

March:  5/12.   This is LESS THAN 50%.  EPIC FAIL, *Canadian Girl. 

April: 9/9.  Why is this only 9, not 12, you're wondering?  Well, that's because I was in Cabo for a week, and normally go for 3 days of no-spendiness a week.  Therefore, 12-3 = 9.  So  EPIC WIN, *Canadian Girl.

Talk about inconsistency.  I die. 

The summer is going to be even harder to keep up with my goal.  WTH am I going to do?  Any tips?


*Canadian Girl

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