Friday, May 28, 2010

She Perioded On My Pants!!! {***WARNING - GIRLY POST!}

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Though the title may indicate, this is NOT a movie review of Superbad {though it’s one of my all-time faves}.  

I learned a new trick recently that I have tried, tested and found to be true.  We’re girls.  We get our periods.  Sometimes, our periods escape.  It’s gross on occasion, but just the reality for all of us.  If I’m like most of you, I have ‘period underwear’ that I wear only during the time when Aunt Flow decides to visit.  However, I will forget on occasion and sometimes wear newer underpants {L-O-V-E that word} and have a bit of a mess.  

You think you have to soak for hours, you think you have to bleach or you may think you even have to throw them out.  NO!

The very thing that will get those nasty stains out and save lots of your laundry is something we all have in our homes: shampoo.  Yes, you read that right: shampoo.  No specific kind; any kind will work.

Steps to get rid of the stain:

1.)    Put shampoo on the stain;
2.)    Rub in;
3.)    Repeat until you see the stain start to deteriorate;
4.)    Wash.

That’s it.  It will work.  I’ve not only done it on sheets and underpants, but on my running shoes as well!  {I sprained my elbow and split it open last weekend – hence the absence!}

So there you go ladies.  Hopefully this will save your underwears!

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Is anyone as stoked as I am for Get Him to the Greek??  Another Jonah Hill movie.  It's been way too long - loves it!

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