Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bonus. Woot!

So just got news this morning that I'm getting a bonus from work.  It's small, mind you, but it's something.

It's only about $500, which is a small token to show me that they've valued my work in this unit since August.  AND, my boss also informed me that there's the potential for a raise come July.  WOOP WOOP!!

Oh, and preliminary tax calculations = a return of over $1,000.

Now, I'm not freaking so much over the "off the bandwagon" fall, and know that I'll have enough $$$ to pay off my debt AND treat myself.  Cabo here I come.

Please pardon my lack of posts this week.  I have a midterm tonight and I've been studying super hard (makes less work for the final.  I love it!), but should be back in action tomorrow.


*Canadian Girl

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  1. Woot!!! That's awesome! Nice bonus! I'd be thrilled! My hubbys last bonus was a 'pin'.. rotfl!!! Don't be jealous.. haha!