Friday, February 19, 2010

*Canadian Girl's Currently Loving: JCrew.

When I said I went off the bandwagon last weekend, I forgot to mention that most of my shopping was at JCrew. It was an outlet/sale time, yes, but it was there. I am in LUUURRRRRVE. I was never one for their clothes before, but I must say, it suits my current style perfectly. However, the prices? Not so much. At least not right now.

 I love this look for summer.  I have a ruffled shirt, and bought a similar cardi from JCrew on the weekend.  I'm pretty sure I have khaki shorts as well, so this is a budget look for me that I can surely do!

I have a shirt just like this, which I think I actually paid more for than the $68 it is at JCrew.  (* yes, I know it's $68 USD, but with the exchange, that's like $70 CAD, so not much difference there) 

I know I have shorts of a similar colour, so I'll def be pairing this together for the summer.

Love these, but I'm pretty sure Old Naves has them for $5, no?  $108 USD.  Eff that.

Great look for work.  I don't have any of these colours for work clothes, so I'm going to have to improvise.

Another look for work.  I bought a cardi this colour on the weekend as well.  I'm certain I have a khaki pencil skirt.  The blouse, however, not so much.  But I can improvise.  That's what a budget fashionista does, right?  *look is minus those shoes.  eeew*

Love this look for a weekend, or for casual Friday.  I have a grey blazer, and for sure have a white shirt.  Perhaps I could pair this with shorts as well for a weekend in the summer. 
I bought a cardi close to this colour on the weekend, but mine is more of a brighter T & Co. blue.  I die.  I love it. 

Mine wasn't the $168, however; it was $22.  Budget fashionista WIN!

This would be great with a skirt for work, or pants, for that matter.  Jeans on the weekend could work too.

This can be monogrammed by JCrew.  LOVE IT!

Love this ruffled blouse.  Great under a blazer or a cardi.  And it's on sale.  Eff my life.

I could go on for days, but I'm going to stop there for the sake of my sanity and my bank account.  This has made me so anxious to be debt free all that much more.  I need want these gorge clothes in my closet NOW!

Click here for a link to all new arrivals, or find some sale merchandise here.  I always check  I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself.  


*Canadian Girl


  1. Girl you got some good taste! lol!! I love everything you posted.. we're definitely on the same wave length with style.. yum!