Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CONTEST GIVEAWAY FROM KRYSTAL: Win a copy of QuickTax Standard!

Krystal over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks is giving away a copy of Quick Tax Standard {ok, so the title of the post wasn't original.  Sue me.}.  I'm so debating doing my own taxes this year.  However, I worry that I could mess the whole thing up, get audited and end up someone's b**ch in jail.  For serious.

What if I skipped out on some super important part of my filings and totally over claim and get a huge refund and then have to give it back, meanwhile I'm with Big Bertha in a jail cell!  You hear me??  Maybe it's over-kill, but either way, I'm totes reluctant to do my own taxes.

How many of you do your own taxes?  How easy/hard is it, and what have your experiences been?

Here is Krystal's post if you'd like to enter too.  Or not, cause I wanna win....mmmmmk?


*Canadian Girl


  1. Wow.. I have no idea what the poster above me said.. ;) lol! Least it's spam in a different language... everyone seems to want to spam me with Viagra. haha!!

    I don't do my own taxes, we have an accountant to do them.. easier/faster/fool-proof. lol! I'd be too scared of messing up!

    Hope you win the Tax thingy!