Saturday, February 13, 2010

Niagara for V day. On a Budge.

As you all know, I'm heading to Niagara with S for Valentine's Day.  I'm not one to be romantic AT all, but I think it'll be a fun and way over-due little getaway. 

I know what you're all thinking "Canadian Girl, you're trying to pay down your debt, how are you affording this?".  Well, I'm actually taking the money from my company stock plan to pay for this.  I have a little bit deducted each paycheque, and with that amount a small portion of company shares are purchased quarterly.  Since our stock isn't doing so well right now, it's more of a "fun fund" for me than really a way to profit in the stock market.

Here is the breakdown of the Niagara $$$:

$454 from stock sale
- $129 (converts to $ 120 USD)
- $220 (hotel cost divided by 2)

This leaves me $105 to play around with for meals and extras.

I should be able to do it, and will for sure post an update when we get back. 

I think we'll be heading into the States today to shop and I'm absolutely 100% NOT going to buy anything unless it's a staple for work or a huge bargain that I can't find at home when I actually need it later.

Wish me luck, lovers!!


*Canadian Girl

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  1. I haven't been to Niagra Falls forever! Did you have fun? Snap any pics? :) We just started that Company Share thingy for our savings with hubby's work... have you found it "worth it"??