Friday, February 26, 2010

February Debt Update. ALMOST THERE!!!

I've been so MIA this week - I'm sorry.  I had a midterm this Wednesday and it's consumed every single ounce of free time.

Now that that hard awesome test is over with, I'm back with a debt update.

I paid off $4 over my goal this month. 
This is good considering my little shopping fall off the ship trip for Vday weekend. 

You'll see that my figures have actually increased for my final payoff amount.  This is because I forgot to account for the roughly $16 of interest that will be charged when I did my initial calculations.  This has been amended and gives me a final payoff of $872.33. 

It's so close I can taste it!  This time next month, I will be debt free.  Boy it feels good to say that. 

Also - I've sold some stuff and used my bonus to almost completely pay off Vday's shopping extravaganza.  Therefore, I'm anticipating some extra dollaz to put towards my debt this month, as I don't usually go to my $100/week budget.  I will be putting every last cent towards that sucker.

Here's a summary.  Click to enlarge:


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