Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Awesome Lashes in 10 Steps.

I've gotten a few emails from readers asking how I get my lashes to stay curly and look full.  I have to say that 1/2 of it is genetics and the other 1/2 is a lifetime of LOVING makeup.

I've told you all before just how OBSESSED I am with makeup.  Mascara is no exception to the rule.  I don’t even need black eyeliner to make my lashes look full, but alas, I digress.  Everyone who doesn’t have full lashes should invest in a great black eyeliner.  I love the Stila Eye Kajal for a change-up tho and I think that those who don't have naturally full eyelashes should most def invest in this.

In terms of mascaras, you don’t have to go for high end.  More expensive is not always better, and this is especially the case here.  I have tried and tried to love MAC, but I just can’t.  TiffanyD loves MAC Plushlash, but it just doesn’t do it for me {her lashes are nicer, I get it…but whatevs}.  After trying various combos, I think I’ve found the right combination: Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof and L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen.

I had originally intended to do a huge tutorial for this.  However, I don’t know how interested you all would be in that.  So, if you are, drop me a line and I will {hopefully} be able to get one up complete with pictures, and daily wear reviews of about 3 different types of mascara soon.

Anywho, back to it.  I always use a waterproof mascara as my base.  Why?  It’s more waxy and holds a curl better.  I have super straight lashes and no curl whatsoever.  I never have and I never will.  To be honest, the whole eyelash perming thing freaks ma freak.  So, I had to devise a way to hold the curl.

This is what I do for my first set of steps:

1.)    Heat a Shu Uemura eyelash curler for 5 seconds infront of a hairdryer on low heat
2.)    Curl right eye from the base, and clamp three times working my way to the top
3.)    Apply 1 coat of waterproof mascara to my right lashes
4.)    Repeat for the left

I let the waterproof dry completely.  This is very important, otherwise you’re likely to end up all clumpy, and nobody wants that.

Putting the waterproof aside, I can begin to use the regular mascara overtop.

5.)    Put 1 coat of regular mascara overtop of waterproof.  Let dry.

Again, letting it dry is imperative.  I know what you’re all going to say “Canadian Girl, don’t curl your lashes while they’ve got mascara on them”.  Know what?  Eff that.  I’m doing it anyway.  I’ve been doing it since high school and have never had a problem.

6.)    Heat eyelash curler for 5 seconds infront of a hairdryer on low heat
7.)    Curl right lashes, just at the base
8.)    Apply 1 coat of  regular mascara to the under and top of the lashes.  The top will help to elongate the lashes
9.)    Repeat on the left lashes

Once you’ve done this, ensure it’s dry; perhaps go about finishing off the rest of your makeup.

10.)One final full curl of both lashes with a heated curler.  Make sure you clamp 3 times, from the bottom to the top.

This process works for me 100% of the time, with the exception of those rainy days when I just can’t get the lashes to stay straight.  My hair never works, so why should they?

I do this every day, so it’s tried, tested and true.  Besides, this eliminates the need for lash primers which are often a waste of money in my experience.

Do you guys have any tips you’d like to share??

Here’s a link to my post with a “lash porn” pic in it.  I’m so hilarious, it hurts.

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  1. I used to wear Mascara all the time but got sick of it "flaking", so sadly I don't bother anymore. I always wear blush (Bare Escentuals) though or else I look like the living dead.. lol!! I'd love to see your review, and one of "nude" lipsticks also! Whenever I buy new lipstick that I think will be "nude" it looks horrible. Blah! Then it pisses me off 'cause it's just money down the drain then.. kwim?