Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fat. Urgh. Myth or Truth?

So I'm not fat.  I've told you all this before.  I'm realtively svelt.  I can see that in the mirror.  I'm an intelligent person.  I can SEE this.  But do I think it?  No.  I feel so fat.  I have hardly not gone to the gym since I moved in here to my new place and feel so lose and un-toned.  Meanwhile, I know I'm not, but I FEEL it.  Maybe it's because I sit on my arse all day at work with little movement except to go to the printer, get a coffee or pee.

Is thinking that we're fat and doing something to counter-act that really more important than the health implications of being fat?

I don't know why I never hit the gym. I used to do it ALLLLLLL the freakin time.  I consider myself to be in good physical health and actually enjoy a workout.  Maybe it's because I feel so dang tired when I get home.  Or maybe it's because I feel bad leaving my little dog after leaving her alone for 9 hours?  (She's a Maltese/Yorkie cross...Morkie.  Google it.  She's 4 lbs of love.)  Whatever it is, it has to stop.

Perhaps if Ryan Phillipe showed up looking like this, I'd be more inclined to frequent the gym.

Let's focus on the future as I've resolved to do.  I will be attending the gym more in the future; not for my physical appearance, but for my mental one.  If that's actually possible...


*Canadian Girl

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