Monday, December 7, 2009

Rock Out With Yer C*ck Out On a Monday Morning

I’ve been noticing the rather gloomy posting trend on here of late.  Apologies. 

Here is something that for sure brightened my day on a Monday morning.  Click to enlarge.  

Pun intended.

*pic taken from Torontoist*

That’s right - it’s a picture printed in Toronto’s Metro newspaper.  Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the Metro news, it’s a free newspaper that is distributed at most public transit and commuter areas in Toronto, Vancouver and other major Canadian cities.  It’s a sort of an update and quick summary of the daily news, complete with an Entertainment section, Sudoku and Horoscopes.  And penises, apparently.

This poor dude…and his wang.  Was that an accidentally on purpose showing of the peen?  Or was this simply an accidental popping out to say “hello I’ve been cooped up for much too long” on the part of his member?

Clearly that was one warm tub or he’s had shrinkage and he simply has an abnormally long schlong for someone of his age.  This guy [whose name I won’t publish here] is only in high school and is going to be a school-wide legend. While he’s reveling in his new found glory, someone at Metro will be getting fired.  Fo shizz.

In case you’re wondering, I was sent the direct link to by a friend this morning, which took me directly to the page.  However, the pic online has since been cropped to only show it up to his t-shirt.  LAME!  C’mon Metro.  Leave it in.  Some of us single gals need to see a little peen on a Monday morning.

Penises make me giggle.  I’m so immature. 

No wonder I’m single.  I laugh at every penis I see. 


*Canadian Girl

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