Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gross. *End Scene*

That prick; you know, the one I'm not over.  He has a girlfriend, yet he's still calling me and wanting to get together.  Jesus!  He emailed on Thanksgiving weekend, then called on my bday, and we've even talked on the phone since.  The jerk even messaged me on g-chat (the adult MSN...lame, yes.  Do I love it? For sure) yesterday to say how excited he is to come home and he hopes to see me.  We even had a convo about the Tiffany ring he bought me on our vacay last year in Vegas.  I told him I'm still wearing it, and he was ecstatic.  I believe the words were something to the effect of "whenever you wear it you know it's from someone who cares very much about you".  How would you like it if your bf said that to some other girl?  I sure wouldn't.

I don't wear the ring to remind me of him, but it still does.  I wear it because it's gorgeous and it's Tiffany and I love it.  This is a pic here - of the Somerset collection, I believe.

*this isn't my finger, or my pic.  Got it from Google Images.

I hope she's happy.  I know he's an ass for still calling etc.  Whatevs.  I'm still totally in love and miss him every day.  I wonder about their sex life, what it's like for him being with someone else.  Most of all, I wonder if he's happy.  He can't be if he's still wanting to see me, right?



*Canadian Girl

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