Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Only a Lez for ONE Person .(I think).

I can't believe I've gone all week without posting!

It's been chaos here; between work and writing an exam, I haven't known what to do with myself I've been so busy.  Plus, I've gone out and been social TWICE this week.  Believe me lovers, this is something amazing.  Might not seem that way to you, but it sure is amazing to me.  And it's showing that I'm letting myself have a little more freedom and easing up on the 'debt repayment' pressure.  I've decided that the debt is going to get paid off.  I've shown that I can live on a budget AND that I can, for once in my life, exercise caution and self-restraint when it comes to purchases and general money spending.

That said, onto the rather odd title for this post.  If you've read my previous posts, you'll know I'm jaded when it comes to men.  Like serrrrrrrriously jaded.  Therefore, I've contemplated, more than one time, becoming a lesbian.  However weird that is and though it may seem like a somewhat logical decision for some, I can't think of anyone but one person who I'd be a lez for: Megan Fox.

Sorry gals, she's just gorge.  I die.  I'd eff her.  Seriously.

She is the one person I'd choose to look like if I had the choice.  I'm a brunette, I'm tall, I'm thin and I have a *reasonably* large rack.  What's the hold up?  I don't have blue eyes.  Again, eff.  Nothing I can do about that.  Oh, and my nose isn't shaped like hers.  But whatevs, I can deal with that.

*also - if you click on the link, it says 'megan fox nude.jpg'.  Don't know why.  She's not nekked.

A little porn for my blog, so to speak.  Love these pics.  Now, she looks GORGE in every pic, even those where she's just bummin around LA, but these ones for FHM, I believe, are my faves.  AND my workout inspiration.  YOU WON'T LOOK LIKE THAT SITTING YOUR A** ON THE COUCH CANADIAN GIRL!  (*that was me yelling at myself, incase you hadn't gathered*)

I don't just like her look, though she's STUNNING, but I LUUURVE her tattoos.  I'm a bit of a tattoo nut myself (I have quite a few, but telling you what they're of would reveal myself to any people who know me!), so seeing another beautiful woman beautifully wear tats and express herself through body art is inspiring to me.  Absolutely.

She rocks those tats with total disregard for what haters may say about them and perhaps comment on her character as a woman for having them.  I agree with her.  They're a big FUCK YOU to anyone in my life who's hurt me; they're a part of me.  Each of them represents a story or a moment in time for her, and so do my tattoos.  I'd like to think I can rock 'em like she can.  Alas, no posting of sexy pics.  Besides, no one wants to see that shit.

This one is my absolute fave.  She's sensual and sexy without been trashy.  

I'd totally become a lez for her.  110%.  



*Canadian Girl

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