Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, the ex.  We spoke earlier this week.  He'd been hoping to see me upon his arrival back in my province on Saturday of this week.  Since I've now been made aware WITHOUT HIM TELLING ME FIRST, that he has a gf, I politely told him that it wouldn't be fair to his gf for him to see me without telling her.  And I informed him that if he still felt about me the way he claimed he did, that he may lose control of his emotions.  He was in 100% agreeance and asked for a couple of days to think about it.  Have I heard from him?  No.  This was mid-last week.  Some things never change.  I die.  He's such a prick.  I almost wish I could publish his name here just so that the world could know WHO it is that I hate so much.  Alas, that would defeat the purpose of anonymity entirely, as good as it would feel.

On to newer and better other things: I think I may hate my job.  Hate is such a strong word.  I don't know that I hate it so much as have job dissatisfaction (hello business school terms that I thought I'd never use again!).  It's just such an up-tight, all work and no play environment that I'm so bored and unhappy.  I'm becoming so damned serious just like them.  Eff my life.  Before you start to wonder "what the eff is Canadian Girl doing to help herself instead of just kvetching on her blog?", know that I'm in the process of updating the resume and qualifications with the hope of sending that out into the Insurance world in the New Year.

I will keep you updated on both fronts.


*Canadian Girl

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