Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Debt. Eff.

Seriously.  This debt is consuming me.  It's not much, I know.  I think it's just because I'm nearing the final tail end of the payoff and I can taste that freedom of never making a debt payment again. 

I feel gross inside and I have a constant knot in my stomach and question EVERY SINGLE purchase. 

S wants to go to away for V-day.  It would be a cheap weekend; like accomodations under $210 each, with a voucher for food included.  I cashed in my work stock (price was dropping and I was losing money...and to think, I still work here....), so I know I have the money, and the fact that it's matched 1/3 by the company means some of it is free money.  I can afford this.  I have to let myself have a little fun, despite my trepedation and my debt payoff knot in my stomach.

Will this ever get better? Or do I have to wait until the debt is gone?


*Canadian Girl

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