Friday, January 8, 2010

Epic Holiday Fail

Christmas/Holiday spending was OUT OF HAND!   

Well, not completely, but I went o-v-e-r the budge.

(*budge = budget.  Why?  Don’t know.  It just sounds cooler, ok?).

 Here’s a breakdown of the spending:

Mom - $93.80
Stocking/small gifts: $24
PJ’s (her fave – flannel nightgown that I looked everywhere for): $28
DVD (may I note that I bought her this one last year.  Time to come up with new gifts!): $13.80
Return the gift: -$13.80
Replace DVD with gorge sweater from Banana Republic: $41.80

Work - $15
Small gift for our assistants

Dad - $26.80
Sweater: $0 (this is $0 because I’d bought it for the ex, but didn’t get to give it to him.  Gorgeous Banana Republic deep green argyle…it was a sunk cost, essentially)
Book: $16.80
Gift certificate: $10

Other - $440.46
This includes holiday party wear, last minute gifts and food.  Breaking down each individual cost would not only bore you, but I’m sure I’d break down and cry.

Total spending: $576.06

Total saved before the season: $230

Surplus/Defecit: $346.06

EPIC FAIL!  Hey, Canadian Girl, note to self: start to save before the season hits next time.

How did your budgets go?  On target or way off the mark or do you just not wanna think about it?

Here’s another sorta resolution for me:  be smarter with money in 2010.  I will keep you all posted and let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, I’m off to sob while looking at my credit card bills.  Eff.


*Canadian Girl

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