Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't Quit Yer Day Job.

So trying to be all PF geek and economical last night, I decided to give myself a mani.

O-M-G.  *Canadian Girl.  Do NOT quit your day job.  Yeah, I'll admit it's tougher to paint your own nails with a darker colour, but my nailpolish got all bubbly and gross.

I googled and figured out that it's because I didn't let the colour dry enough before painting the next coat.  Balls. 

That's the last time I try to be economical.

The colour I used is my absolute FAVE, which is called Suzy Says Da from OPI's Russion collection, I believe.

<----It's this gorgeous brown colour.  I luuurve brown.  Not black, but brown.  When you paint a few coats, it looks all black and goth and Lauren Conrad.  Love it!  Despite the job, it does look pretty sexy on my talons.

Here's a pic of the worst nail.  The bubbles are killing my OCD self.  Do I remove it and re-paint?  F**k no!  I don't have time for that.  I'll just have to live with it as long as possible.

Anyone want a manicure done by yours truly?  Didn't think so.


*Canadian Girl

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