Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twitter. The new Facebook?

The title begs the question for me: has Twitter replaced Facebook for us "older" generations?  I know a lot of you likely have Facebook.  Personally, I don't.  You never know who can find you on there, what people can find out, and you know those pictures are no longer owned by you once they're posted.  Scary.

I had Facebook.  Yes, I'll admit it.  When I was in university, it was our prime method of communication.  Hell, even people from high school added me.  I didn't like you then, I don't like you now.  BUT, I was always too nice to deny a friend request.  It made me feel mean to do so.  I was letting people in on my life who otherwise wouldn't have a single clue what I was up to.  This was creepy to me.

I also had friends who would, instead of calling or texting, leave me a Facebook message.  Sorry.  A few things wrong here: 

1.)  You can't be bothered to pick up the phone, but can somehow log on to your computer, type and post a message?
2.)  I don't sit in front of my computer all day.  Nor should you.  Get a life.

I made the decision to delete Facebook when I begun my career.  It was a smart move, at least for me.  As I said to myself when I hit the delete button, the important people have kept in touch.  Those that haven't?  Well I didn't really like you that much anyway.  Any cute albums on there - I get a link sent to me by my friends.  Besides, pics are all I'd really wanna see anyway.  I don't really give a rats what you're up to on a Friday night.  I have my own life.

However, I have Twitter and LOVE it.  I follow tons of people (fave bloggers included), get caught up on some ex-Facebook friends' lives, but rarely post.  Does this make me a hypocrite?  Am I hypocritical for skipping out on one wildly famous social networking site only to substitute it for another?  I don't know.  But I'm for sure more anonymous and only let people in on the moments and events in my life that I choose for them to see; no pictures posted and tagged that I wouldn't have otherwise wanted.  It's working for me so far.

What about you?  Twitter or Facebook?  Or both?


*Canadian Girl

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  1. Neither. I have enough shit to do on the computer, don't want to add more to my list... lol!!