Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy. For now.

Remember the dude from my birthday?  The one who I was all upset didn't text me back, and then I find out his cell was broken?

Well...we spent New Years together, which was also his bday.  Let me tell you.  It was so low-key and so much fun.  It was the best New Years I've had in a while. AAANNNNNDDDD....he called me his girlfriend! 

Now, this doesn't mean I'm losing sight of my whole lets-take-it-slow-so-we-last mentality, but I sure am happy to have someone calling me that again. 

He's super sweet, treats me so well, is affectionate, funny, a good dresser, ambitious and successful.  All the things I've been looking for.  Oh, and he's tall and athletic too.  This seems too good to be true.  Let's hope I don't fuck this one up. 

Hooray for 2010!!


*Canadian Girl

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